Madisonville, KY Launches Pickup Program

On August 5, 2020, Madisonville Market Place launched Pickup – a grocery online ordering and curbside pickup program. Keeping in step with the rising demand for curbside services for supermarkets and restaurants alike, Houchens Industries (the parent company of Madisonville Market Place) created the Pickup program to better serve the customers in the area. 

The headline color of bright green greets you from the building when you pull into the parking lot so customers can quickly navigate to the dedicated Pickup parking area. The program works like many of its kind in order to create an easy and familiar experience for the shopper. Customers shop their groceries online, select their pickup time, and arrive during their Pickup window, and a Market Place associate brings the groceries right to their vehicle. 

Plans for other Houchens’ owned stores to launch the program are already in the works.

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